Lucy presenting©Julia Massey

Professor Lucy Kueng

(Note: The alternative spelling for Kueng is Küng)

Strategic advisor, speaker and author

Board Member of the NZZ Media Group

Senior Research Associate at the Reuters Institute, Oxford University



Professor Lucy Kueng is an international expert on mastering digital transformation. She has over twenty years’ experience providing senior-level strategic, leadership and business advice on how to emerge stronger from technological and market disruption. She consults and speaks with leading companies worldwide including the BBC, CNN, Google, NPR and NRK, and keynotes frequently at conferences including the INMA World Congress, SXSW, FIPP World Congress and the European Broadcasting Union.

Lucy is the author of several books including Going Digital: A Roadmap for Digital Transformation, Innovators in Digital News, Strategic Management in the Media (winner of the AEMJM Media Management Book Award), Inside the BBC and CNN, When Innovation Fails to Disrupt, the Case of BBC News Online and Hearts and Minds: Harnessing Leadership, Culture and Talent to Really Go Digital.


  • Expert counsel and strategic thinking partner
  • CEO onboarding
  • Executive team alignment
  • Strategic counsel on key strategic objectives
  • Masterclasses and keynotes


  • PhD and Habilitation from the University of St Gallen
  • MBA from City Business School/Ashridge
  • Honorary Doctorate in Economics from the University of Neuchatel


  • 2017  European Media Management Award in recognition of excellence in media management scholarship
  • Swiss Representative of the EU Cost Action 20 on the Impact of the Internet on the Mass Media in Europe
  • Member of the UK Government Taskforce on the Future and Development of Information Relationships
  • Held professorships at the University of Oslo, the Institute of Media and Entertainment New York (IESE), and the University of Jönköping.
  • Served on the board of SRG SSR and VIZRT