Oxford University, Reuters Institute – Innovation Forum, Interview with Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, President International New York Times, January

Handelsblatt Media Group – Townhall Keynote, January

Dagens Nyheter – Townhall Keynote, February

Oxford University, Reuters Institute – Leading Newsroom Change, February

Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Townhall Keynote, February

MX3 Barcelona – Navigating the AI Revolution, March, Barcelona

Oxford University, Reuters Institute – CEO and Editor in Chief Forum,  April

PPA Festival, April, London

World News Media Congress – CEO Dilemmas Panel Moderation, May, Barcelona

Oxford University, Reuters Institute – Leading Newsroom Change, May


Confederation of British Industry (CBI) – Hearts and Minds – How leadership, culture and talent create the foundation for resilience and growth, London

45th FiPP World Congress – The Power of the Niche, Leading through Extreme Strategic Change, Portugal, June

EBU Media Summit – Shapeshifting Media Organisations, Warsaw, April

PPA Festival – Digital Transformation: Models for Managing Organisational Change, April

Oxford University, Reuters Institute –  CEO and Editor in Chief Forum, April

Oxford University, Reuters Institute – Leading Newsroom Change, April

EBU / BBC Workshop – Shapeshifting Media Organisations, February


PSM News Forum, Reuters Institute – Digital Leadership, Oxford, September 2022

Mx3 – Reports from M & A Frontlines, Podcast & Newsletter Playbook, October 2022, Berlin

DPG Media Leaders – Digital Leadership, October 2022, Breda

EBU Cadenabbia Leadership Summit – Digital Leadership, September 2022

Swiss Board Day – Going Digital, Key Learnings for Boards, September 2022, Switzerland

GNDI Global Conference – Are You Ready to Go Digital?, July 2022, Virtual

44th FiPP World Congress – From Transformation to Growth, Triggering the Next S-Curve, June 2022, Portugal

Vodaphone Leadership Event – Going Digital, June 2022, Virtual

Argentine Journalism Festival –  Leadership in the Digital Age, June 2022, Virtual

DTG Summit, Television Beyond Imagination – Television: The Great Transformation, May 2022, London

Perugia Journalism Festival – The Many Paths to Growth, April 2022

Editor in Chief & CEO Forum, Reuters Institute – From Transformation to Growth, Triggering the Next S-Curve, Oxford, April 2022

Financial Times Strategies – ‘Leading out of Covid – What are the Priorities Now?’January 2021, Virtual


Media Voices – ‘Media Moments 2021 Launch Event’, Panel Discussion, December 2021, Virtual

World News Media Congress  CEO Panel Moderation, November 2021, Virtual

Bonnier Story First Seminar – ‘Digital Transformation – What is it and What Changes does it Bring?’, November 2021, Virtual

European Broadcasting Union Cadenabbia Leadership Summit for South-Eastern Europe –  ‘Leadership in the Digital Age’, November 2021, In-Person

European Media Management Association –  ‘What is the Media Industry Anyway?’, October 2021 (Brief Keynote and Panel Moderation), Virtual

ISE Brazil Business School Opening Masterclass –  ‘Coming out of Covid – What are the Priorities to Accelerate Digital Growth?’, October 2021, Virtual

Verband Schweizer Medien Annual Meeting – Was sind die Prioritäten zur Beschleunigen des Digitalen Wachstums?‘, September 2021, In-Person

JOLT-CICOM Conference on Harnessing Data and Technology – ‘Coming out of Covid – Priorities for the Media Industry’, September 2021, Virtual

NRK Media Leaders – ‘Coming out of Covid – Seizing the Moment to Accelerate Digital Growth’, June 2021, Virtual

WAN-IFRA Middle East – ‘Preparing for a Sustainable Media Business Post-Covid’, CEO Panel Moderation, May 2021, Virtual

Eidosmedia Future of Content Event – ‘Accelerating Digital Growth’,  June 2021, Virtual

Norwegian Institute of Journalism – ‘The World is Opening Up – How Should Media Companies Respond?’,  May 2021, Virtual

European Media Management Association –  ‘A Year into Covid – Where Does the Industry Stand’, May 2021, Virtual

Reuters Institute, Oxford University –  ‘Leading out of Covid – What are the Big Challenges’? April 2021, Virtual

Norwegian Media Business Association –  ‘Leaning into Covid to Accelerate Digital Change, April 2021, Virtual

Reuters Institute, Oxford University, CEO/Editor-in-Chief Forum –  ‘Leading Digital Transformation’, April 2021, Virtual

Financial Times Senior Leaders’ Event, ‘Hearts and Minds – Harnessing Leadership, Culture and Talent to Really Go Digital’, March 2021, Virtual

Rencontres de l’innovation éditoriale – ‘The Role and Place of Managers in Digital Transformation’, February 2021, Virtual

Clubhouse –  ‘Building a Subscription Culture’, February 2021, Virtual

City University London – ‘Journalism Innovation’, February 2021, Virtual

FIPP Insider Webinar –  ‘Successful Transformation: How Gens X, Y, and Z all have Essential Roles to Play’, February 2021, Virtual

BBC News Development Speaker Series –  ‘Going Digital by Transforming Hearts and Minds, February 2021, Virtual

Helsinki Roadmap to Freedom Conference –  ‘Publishers v. Platforms – What is the Smart Response?’, February 2021, Virtual

NRK Executive Leadership Meeting – ‘Leading into 2021 – What are the Big Challenges’, February 2021, Virtual

Bundesverband Digital Publisher und Zeitungsverleger – Hearts and Minds: Harnessing Leadership, Culture and Talent to Really Go Digital’, January 2021, Virtual

INMA Masterclass –  ‘When Digital Hits Covid – The Leadership Task’, January 2021, Virtual

City University New York – ‘Post Covid Media Realities – What’s Next for Business and Leaders?’, January 2021, Virtual


European Broadcasting Union Future Leaders Programme, Virtual, April 2020

INMA Virtual World Congress, May 2020

Google News Labs Argentina Webinar, June 2020 (virtual)

European Media Management Association ‘EMMA Talk’, June 2020 (virtual)

Hamburg Media School Digital Journalism Fellowship, June 2020 (virtual)

Newsrewired, London, June 2020 (virtual)

Forum Journalism and Media, Vienna, September 2020 (virtual)

DPG Media Campusfest, Antwerp, September 2020

BDVZ German Publishers Association Annual Conference, September 2020 (virtual)

FIPP Virtual World Congress, September 2020

Executive School, University of St Gallen, Compliance Management Day, October 2020 (virtual)

EBU New Radio Radio Day, October 2020 (virtual)

IMNA Webinar, November 2020 (virtual)

Future Media Conference, Polish Press Agency, Warsaw, December 2020 (virtual)


BBC Product Group, Salford, February 2019

SXSW, Austin Texas, March 2019

CEO and Editor in Chief Forum, Oxford, April 2019

Perugia Journalism Festival, Italy, April 2019

PPA Festival for Magazine Media, London, May 2019

Austria Newspaper Association, June. 2019

PSI Public Service Broadcasters International Conference, Helsinki, September 2019

Public Service Heads of News Forum, Oxford 2019

European Broadcasting Union Radio Days, Rome, October 2019

Leading Newsroom Change, Reuters Institute, Oxford, November 2019

Society of Editors Conference, London, 2019


Media Perspectives Amsterdam, November 2018

Digital Editors Network Leadership Event, BBC London, November 2018

Helsinki Media Day, Finland, November 2018

Leading Newsroom Change, Reuters Institute Oxford University, November 2018

Korean Press Foundation Journalism Conference, Seoul, October 2018

‘Managing Transformation’ Media Innovation Day, Vienna, October 2018

Public Service News Forum, Reuters Institute Oxford University, September 2018

Launch of UK Government and Communication Service ‘Accelerate’ Digital Transformation, 10 Downing Street, London, September 2018

INMA World Congress of News Media, Washington DC, June 4-5, 2018

Norwegian Media Industry and Association of Norwegian Editors, Bergen, 2 May, 2018

Finnish Conference of Media and Communication Research, Finland, April 27, 2018

CEO and Editor in Chief Forum, Reuters Institute, Oxford University, 20 April, 2018

Perugia Journalism Festival, Perugia, 11-15 April, 2018

Global Editors’ Network Masterclass, Lisbon, 12 March, 2018

Oxford Perspectives, Reuters Institute, Oxford University, 21-25 February, 2018

EBU Digital Transition Workshop, European Broadcasting Union, Brussels, 5 February, 2018