INMAEarl Wilkinson
CEO International News Media Association (INMA)

‘The first time I worked with Lucy Küng, I reviewed her presentation in advance and worried that discussions about “organization” weren’t going to resonate with cynical news media executives. I stood my ground all the way up to seeing that she was the highest-rated speaker at INMA’s high-powered World Congress of News Media. Lucy has a way of humanizing and even personalizing issues of organization, management, leadership, and digital transformation that I’ve never seen before. She speaks the language of CEOs in an urgent — yet encouraging – way. CEOs gravitate to her and open up to her because of her message and style. She is intellectually curious and challenging about her subject and tailors that subject to your audience and your needs. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a “heart and soul” person who wants the best for you and your group.’


Martin Kotynek
Editor-in-Chief, Der Standard, Austria

‘Lucy has a deep understanding of digital transformation and the media business as well as tremendous experience with leadership and work culture. It has always been a pleasure to work with Lucy. Her excellent advice had deep impact on solving problems and helped to enable innovation.’

‘Lucy hat sowohl ein tiefes Verständnis von Digitalisierung und dem Mediengeschäft als auch umfangreiche Erfahrung bei Fragen von Leadership und Kultur. Es war stets ein Vergnügen, mit Lucy zu arbeiten, da sie mit ihrem exzellenten Rat stets wesentlich dazu beiträgt, Probleme zu lösen und Innovation zu ermöglichen.’


James Gater
Partner, Special Project Partners Ltd

Lucy was kind enough to deliver the keynote address at a lunchtime briefing at the Confederation for British Industry, in association with the British Academy and ongoing research investigating chronic underperformance. Her brief sought to frame the issue at hand as one of winning hearts and minds within organisations made up of increasingly heterogeneous personnel, requiring new and increasingly alternative EQ-led leadership. The thought-provoking take on how this, coupled with nurturing the right culture and differentiated talent, forms the foundation for resilience and growth set the bar perfectly. We could not recommend her more highly to organisations seeking to frame these complex issues in a practical and readily-implementable manner.


elogoCobs Heyl
Chief Content Officer & Marketing Manager at FIPP (Network for Global Media)

‘Lucy has been a module leader on FIPP’s (the network for global media) Executive Programme for Innovation and Change at Saïd Business School (Oxford University in the UK) and FIPP and VDZ’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin, Germany. She is an engaging, dynamic presenter who always scores very high with our participants, be that in smaller workshop-style settings or on stage addressing several hundreds of delegates. Lucy’s success with our audience is not only thanks to her style of presentation, but also passion for the message she delivers – building on her expertise on mastering digital disruption (and close contacts with global digital disruptors), the content is always well researched, fresh, relevant to our audience and importantly includes clear tips and actionable suggestions for participants to take away. On top of that, she is an absolute pleasure to work with – highly professional, knowledgeable and approachable.’


elogoRene Summer
Director Government & Industry Relations at LM Ericsson

‘Lucy Küng is an expert on the big strategic shifts underway in converging industries. She is particularly strong on the impact of disruptive technologies and how they can fuel growth and innovation. Her extensive experience brought real value to Ericsson when she co-authored two white papers “Multi-Screen TV – A Single Regulatory Framework” (2010), and “Unleashing the benefits of new technologies in the audiovisual media industry” (2011). Lucy Küng provided prescient, expert and highly relevant input on what changing value chains and changing market conditions mean for multi-screen TV and video distribution and how policy reforms can stimulate growth in this field. Taking this work further, in 2012 she co-organised and moderated, with Ericsson and leading players in the telecoms, media and tech sectors, a very successful conference for parliamentarians and legislators at the Swedish parliament on removing regulatory hurdles to digital growth. Lucy Küng is unusual in her ability to translate academic research into pragmatic advice, and is a highly skilled communicator.’


bbcRichard Sambrook
Professor of Journalism , Cardiff University and Former Director of Global News, BBC

‘As a senior executive at the BBC I worked with Lucy on two projects – a study of the culture of the BBC and a case study on the development of the BBC’s News website. She swiftly understood and reflected the dynamics and drivers of a highly complex media organisation going through a period of rapid change. She captured the essence of the organisation’s culture, understood the prevailing strategy, and delivered a number of highly pertinent insights into the organisation and questions for its future development. She combined a close understanding of the politics and culture with an objective, academic perspective on the BBC’s challenges and success factors. Lucy is highly skilled at combining complex analysis and insight with practical, easily grasped insights and action points.’


astraJulie Ducharme
Executive Director, Analgesia Projects (Analgesia Cluster Leader) at CNS&Pain Innovative Medicines, AstraZeneca R&D

‘I had the pleasure of working with Prof. Lucy Kung for our First Innovative Medicine Science Retreat, an internal scientific conference where more than 200 scientists from all AZ sites were invited to talk and discuss science. Lucy was an external speaker who brought a completely different perspective to the table. Building from her significant experience in the media, Lucy talked about what stimulates and hinders innovation and drew interesting parallels with big pharma. Her insights were thought provoking and her recommendations extremely relevant for our industry. Her talk was the best rated overall and we will all remember her key messages to encourage innovation in our respective groups and functions.’