What I offer

‘Making sure strategy lives in action and not in a drawer’ is how a client recently described my work, and this underlines essential characteristics of my approach. I have unique expertise in helping clients move from strategy to implementation, and I work in a highly bespoke way to create specific value for clients, value that we define together at the outset and against which all assignments are judged.

My mandates may focus on one of the roles below, but frequently blend a number of these.

Expert counsel and strategic thinking partner

Top level counsel and thinking partner to CEOs and their boards as they navigate some of the most challenging parts of strategy, often focusing particularly on how to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation and identify and overcome roadblocks.

CEO onboarding

Highly customised consulting support to ensure leaders have optimal impact within their first 100 days.  This can include: critical review of existing strategy, mapping essential relationships, providing objective perspective on business critical issues in unhindered way.

Executive team alignment

Sometimes described as ‘board whispering’, this means working behind the scenes to ensure alignment of the board behind the strategy to ensure individual and collective responsibility and accountability.

Strategic counsel on key strategic objectives

Objective advice on key strategic projects, acting as sparring partner to leader, also providing pre- and post-mortems.

Masterclasses and keynotes

Tailored events designed to provoke new thinking and move strategy into real outcomes. These are designed to inject new expertise and perspective into critical discussions.


In all cases I provide bespoke solutions based on clients’ specific situations. Feel free to contact me about your current needs and I will be happy to explore these and provide a proposal.

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