Media appearances

TV interview

“Why news companies must fix information overload” –  TV discussion (October, 2020)

What will the next generation of newsrooms need to consider? Stephen Cole discusses trust, the battle of the bots and platform paradox with Lucy, alongside Professor Richard Sambrook, Former BBC Executive and Director of the Centre for Journalism at Cardiff University.

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Dr Mathias Dopfner discussion

“Where will be in 7 years?” –  a discussion with Axel Springer CEO Matthias Döpfner (September 2020)

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Tinnius Talks

“Lost in innovation.” – Tinius Talks Podcast Interview. (May 2020)

In ten episodes, Tinius Talks looks at different aspects of the next challenges for the media houses. How will the media house of the future be? Are we going to deal with newsrooms as we know them today? What role will journalism play? Who are the new media users? How will the media make our everyday lives better, and what will they mean in society?

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FIP podcast

“The next decade in media” – FIPP Insider Podcast (March 2020)

Lucy and Mark Maddox from Vida media delve deep into the future of media business with a focus on the impact of digitalisation.

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