What Should Legacy Media Do? Never Waste a Good Crisis

Johan Peretti (CEO BuzzFeed)i: “Don’t you find that … mainstream media … come to Vice and say ‘OK, we need to figure this out and we can’t, so we want to buy you?” Shane Smith (CEO Vice): “Yes, I have noticed that … and part of the problem is that it wouldn’t even save them if they bought us … staying independent allows us to do a lot of things that we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise … even if they bought us they would still have a massive … Read more

‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ – The Necessity of Responding Enough to Digital Disruption

Interviewer: “What was your biggest mistake?” Media industry CEO: “I always say that if I could go back ten years, … , I would not be saying, ‘The Internet’s going to be big’ … what I would really be saying is, ‘Your business is going to be more screwed than you can even conceive of now. Your worst case scenario is just a scratch’.” This exchange comes from an interview with a CEO on leadership in disrupted industries. It highlights a significant strategic threat – the threat of responding, but … Read more