Strategic management in the media, 2nd edition

Strategic Management in the Media – 2nd edition published

“Covering an industry full of hope and hype, Küng’s book stands out for its focus on concepts, drivers, and dynamics. Its scope and learning are brilliant and dazzling–the ascendancy of the media tech sector, the culture of digital organizations, their creative workforce, and their strategic leadership. This greatly updated and upgraded edition will be a source of insight for aspiring students and a tool for industry veterans who seek the perspective of academia.“ Eli Noam, Columbia Business School

With the media industries facing unprecedented change and challenge, never has it been more vital to understand the elements of strategy and how they apply to media organizations. This new edition of Strategic Management in the Media:

  • Shows innovation, disruption and strategic adaptation in action
  • Takes readers deep into case studies including Vice, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, Netflix, CNN, New York Times, and the BBC
  • Explains strategic theory and concepts with insight and clarity
  • Shows the reader how to understand change and decision-making within media organizations.

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