Transformation Manifesto. 9 Priorities for Now

Transformation Manifesto

This is an urgent call to action for all of us who lead newsrooms to seize this moment and make every change we might have been hesitating over. Lucy’s insight comes from unparalleled access to news operations around the world, so you know that you are learning from the experiences of your peers. Her judgement is as flawless as it comes.

(Polly Curtis, Managing Director PA Media)

This is a rare reset moment. Covid-19 has been a crisis on so many levels, but it is also a huge opportunity – to rethink, to innovate, to shed things that need to be let go of, and to build for the future.

This is the time to accelerate digital transition. People – even older demographic groups – have gone digital big-time.  Structural shifts that were expected to take a decade are showing up in forecasts for the next twelve months.

This is an unmissable opportunity to rethink organizations for a future that will be with us sooner than many had reckoned with. Organizations are unfrozen, people are expecting change, and we have precedent: companies have pulled off more digital transformation in five months than in the past five years.

It is time to be bold, to make decisive moves to reach the future faster.  Digital transformation is complex, and many have got stuck on the journey. This book highlights nine priorities to get unstuck – from pruning projects and processes that are hangovers from previous eras and rebalancing cost structures, to developing a visceral sense of audiences, and re-sculpting culture to become truly customer-centric and inclusive of all talent.

And last but not least, Covid-19 and remote working have put unprecedented pressure on leaders and their teams, so there’s advice too on taking care of your teams and your own career in a challenging, but potentially transformational, time.

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