New book: Hearts and Minds: Harnessing Leadership, Culture, and Talent to Really go Digital

News organisations have been on a digital transformation journey for two decades.  Strategies and business models are now mostly clear, but progress is slow and successful digital pivots an anomaly.  Having a strategy is not the same as achieving it:  implementation means moving from rational plans to the messy realities of human action, to a complex set of intertwined changes in how organisations are led, structured and staffed, and in how people in them think, act and take decisions. Taking the central themes of Leadership, Culture, Gens Y and Z, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, … Read more

Transformation Manifesto. 9 Priorities for Now

This is an urgent call to action for all of us who lead newsrooms to seize this moment and make every change we might have been hesitating over. Lucy’s insight comes from unparalleled access to news operations around the world, so you know that you are learning from the experiences of your peers. Her judgement is as flawless as it comes. (Polly Curtis, Managing Director PA Media) This is a rare reset moment. Covid-19 has been a crisis on so many levels, but it is also a huge opportunity – … Read more

‘Going Digital. A Roadmap for Digital Disruption’.

Going Digital - A Roadmap for Organisational Transformation

Legacy companies should put as much emphasis on transforming their organisations as they do transforming their products is the core message of this report, based on exclusive research with leading digital players. The report identifies best practice in legacy transformation and presents a roadmap for organisational change. Published November 2017 by the Reuters Institute, Oxford University, and Google. Press release Download the report (free) Listen to the launch presentation and panel discussion with Renée Kaplan (FT), Chris Moran (The Guardian), and Tom Standage (The Economist) Podcast

Which news strategy to adopt in a disrupted, technology driven environment? – Global Editors Network article

GEN article

What are digital innovators doing right and what to learn from them. Digital transitions are notoriously difficult and frustrating processes for newsrooms struggling to remain relevant in a less than clement climate towards legacy media. What are digital innovators doing right and what can be emulated by all newsrooms? Read the full interview here.